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Better than the movies

Having a dedicated home theater brings the classic cinema experience right to your living room.

VIP Integration are experts in home theater design and installations. Backed by over 30+ years of experience we can design and install beautiful home theaters, custom to your budget and audio/video needs.

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Home Theater Services:

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  • Pre-Wire and Cabling for New Construction
  • Pre-Wire and Cabling for Remodels

Crystal Clear Displays


Home Theater Projectors

LED display

Flat Panel Mount

When designing a home theater the first step in the process is to select between an LED display or a Projection display.

A projector is best used in dedicated home theater rooms. Or when the size of viewing surface exceeds 85″

An LED TV is best used in smaller rooms when the desired size of the viewing surface is 85″ or less. It is also more common to use an LED display when the viewing room is being used for more than just TV.

Surround Sound Systems

The next step in building your home theater is to choose between a hardwired or wireless sound system.

Wireless systems such as SONOS work over wi-fi and sound incredible! Wireless speakers tend to be a little more expensive than traditional wired, however you do not need an audio/video receiver to power your wireless speakers.

Wired systems allow for more flexibility. There are many more hardwired speakers available, such as, in wall, in ceiling, tower speakers, as well as audiophile grade speakers.

Not sure what surround sound system is right for you? VIP Integration will help you sort through all the choices available and help you pick speakers that both sound great and work with your budget!


Wireless Surround Sound


Home Theater Speakers

Easy to Use Control

Smart Device Remote

iPhone and iPad controlBook Now!

Smart Stick Remote

iPhone and iPad control

Finally, choose between a smart device remote or a classic stick style remote.

Enjoy custom programming to your specifications, and easy scene control.

Tap one button and watch your lights dim down, projector fire up, sources change, movie in the Blu-ray player starts, volume slowly ramp up, for the ultimate home theater experience.

Our controls are always EASY for the consumer.

Easy to use control

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