High Performance Wi-Fi Networks

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Having a strong home network is mandatory to have a properly functioning house. Virtually everything electronic is delivered thorough your Wi-Fi and home network.

In todays world, residential living spaces can have more devices on their network than the average small business. To accommodate for all this traffic you need to have a properly set up wifi network, with blazing fast speeds.

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Home Network Services:

  • Free In Home Consultations
  • Network Support & Troubleshooting
  • Sales & Installation of New Networks
  • Network Cabling in New Construction
  • Network Cabling in Remodels
Home Network

We help you every step of the way, by coordinating with your internet provider to get the correct modem and service. Then mapping out the most efficient way to get strong signal throughout the house by installing a router and repeaters in strategic locations. Then finally configuring everything so it is easy for the end user to use.

Contact Us today to get started with setting up a home network! Or for an evaluation of an existing network and ways we can help strengthen it!

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