Advanced Lighting & Shade Control

Create just the right mood.

Set the Mood For Any Occasion

With a switch you can only turn lights on and off, so you’re limited to bright light or no light at all. If you replace a standard switch with a smart switch, you can adjust a room’s light level to create a totally new atmosphere.

Having coordinated control provides greater flexibility in a room than having individual control, letting you fine-tune the mood you want to create. With an Advanced Lighting & Shade System, you can control multiple lights (even table and floor lamps) and multiple shades with one button press. When you’re in your home theater, you can dim the lights and lower the shades to watch the big game—all from the comfort of your couch.

Enhance Comfort and Convenience

Your home is more than walls and a roof, more than simply a functional space. Your home is a place where you experience comfort, romance, and peace of mind. We believe the right light is a critical building block in creating that feeling that is hard to define, but people desire to experience – and the first step for enriching every moment within your home. Let us show you how our solutions—which are easy to add to a new or existing home— can help you add pleasance.

Custom Scene Switches

Create customized “scenes”—predetermined settings for lights, and shades. When you press a keypad button, lights, and shades automatically adjust to the levels you designated for that scene. The number of buttons on a keypad is based on the number of different scenes you want to create in a room. Control from a keypad also means you’re always in touch with your system—from your car, your bedside, or your vacation home.

Elegant Scene Switches and Dimmers

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